Lift-Up Door Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Width : ranges from 400 mm to 1000 mm
Height : varies between 720 – 800 – 900 mm
Depth : varies between 330 mm – 350 mm

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  • Base units are 18 mm. and E1 class.
  • Both sides are either made of white chipboard or  white mdf lam.

Back panels are 4-8 mm and E1 class.

One side of back panels is made of white mdf lam.

  • Back side of base units has channels into which 4-8 mm thick back panels are interlocked
  • 0,80 mm PVC edgebanding is applied on all edges.
  • Base units are either pre-assembled or as RTA with minifix.
  • Base units are wrapped by cardboard boxes with sticker
  • Doors are manufactured according to the model and color of your choice. In addition, the screws are given separately for each door and handle. (The colors and models of the doors must be ordered separately.)
  • Extra shelves, visible side panels, handles and other accessories must be ordered separately.
  • Accessories :

Base Units have Mesan Brand dowel plinth feet

Drawer modules have Samet Tandem brand soft close slides

Sink and built in cabinets have alluminium profiles instead of front stretchers.

Wall Cabinets have Daset hanger assembly components.

All models with shelves have shelf pins

You can contact with us for special dimensions and projects.

Son Ürünler

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  • Modular Coat Rack-Middle Module

  • Modular Coat Rack – Tall Module

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