3 Drawers Dressing Room Closet

Width ranges from 500 to 1000mm
Height 2200mm
Depth 600mm

Stok Kodu GO3CM Kategori



  • Bodies are 18 mm thick and E1 quality norms.
  • Two sides are made of melamine particle board or mdf laminate.
  • All sides of the bodies are edged with 0.80mm PVC edge bands.
  • Bodies are produced as assembled and finished or disassembled with Minifix.
  • Modules are packed in cardboard boxes, labeled, corner protected and packaged.
  • Doors are produced according to the color and model you choose. In addition, screws are supplied separately according to the selected doors and handles. ( Door colors and models must be ordered additionally).
  • Additional shelves, visible side panels, handles, and other accessories must be ordered additionally.
  • All connection items are packaged in the disassembled products (Minifix connections, hinge, screws, hanger and dowels, optional handle and handle’s screw.

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